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I have a confession to make. This shoot was so. damn. difficult.

Not because of the subject - Tessa is obviously STUNNING! And the location? The location was super friggin' cool. While house-sitting in Southie, I discovered a glass-manufacturing shop on Dorchester Ave. that was willing to let us bounce around their mildly dangerous warehouse for an hour (major shout out to Karas & Karas Glass co!) 

Instead, this shoot was difficult because it was my first time behind the camera in a really long time. While I am thankful for my education at UMass, I by and large took a four year break from shooting / working with models / editing. Even more so, from creating my business and building up a client base. But, that is all changing now. (So get ready!!! Just like my grad-cap decoration shouted in glittery letters from Michael's just one year ago, "Watch out world, I'm grown now!" Truly a declaration, nay - a promise - of good things to come. Thanks Freeform!)



A talented musician and wonderful human, Tessa radiates confidence both in front of the camera and an audience. She and I are both finding our groove in Boston as young creatives - which, suffice it to say, is no easy task! Our shared experiences and penchant for deep conversations over girly cocktails have created a unique bond over a short time, and I can't wait to see what adventures we have together this summer!

equipment: canon 5d mk iii + sigma 35mm ART

place: southie - boston, ma

exceptional human: tessa sugarman @tessasugar

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