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Alysa and Peter

Peter and Alysa are celebrating their two year anniversary this week. In celebration and honor of this awesome milestone, I thought I'd get my -ish together and actually post all of the pictures from our couples session at Siesta Key Beach a few weeks ago. Alysa and Peter have such a strong bond, one that is very evident in front of the camera. The ease with which they switched into "resort-wear catalog models" or even just giving off "we've been dating forever" vibes just blows me away. It's not easy, guys! 

Basically, they are adorable and I'm in love with these photos. If you don't already know, Peter is my hilarious, perceptive, and all-around brilliant brother. He's no longer little in both stature and life-experience, and in less than two months, he will be starting college at the University of Florida. He will be studying Biology and no doubt have an absolutely kick-ass time!


Peter and I are also currently separated by age, miles, and experience. We have nearly opposite personalities, and the ways we view and walk this world are drastically different. But just like anything else, I am learning that everything is temporary. From the baby-blue paint stuck on my left shoulder for nearly a week after painting my new room, to my inability to navigate the nyc subway...everything is temporary. In this same vein, I cannot wait to see how our new experiences will inform and change our relationship. I am hoping that my understanding of and compassion towards him will evolve and grow over time, just like his understanding of me will. 

I am unwaveringly proud of my brother and his wit and strength. I know he is going to have the best time at UF, and I cannot wait to see how things unfold over the next few years. (And in the meantime, I know Alysa will be there to make him text me back! Thanks girl!)

exceptional humans: alysa + peter

place: siesta key, fl

equipment: 5d mk iii + nifty fifty 50mm 1.4

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